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Quantum Solution

Our solutions provide your clients with cost-effective solutions.

Driver Fatigue & Distruction Monitor

Despite  decades  of public  awareness  and mitigation efforts, over 70 percent of the rural highway accidents remain single vehicle events. The greatest risk occurs during twilight ... Read more...

ORLACO Camera Spesialised Solutions

It is Orlaco’s viewpoint that optimal vision around every vehicle and vessel should be the norm. It provides safety, less damage, comfort and efficiency. Vision is our mission. A revealing mission. We develop ... Read more...

Fleet Management Systems

Find’n’Secure Automatic Location unit is discreetly kept in pocket (Personal Tracker) or installed inside the vehicle (Vehicle unit). Location data is computed by the unit using signals received from ... Read more...

TrackingHawk Web Platform

Our fleet management software allows you to view your units live, onscreen at any time. Record data by advanced reporting, Historical route overlays show exactly where your fleet travels and, utilizing a color-coded ... Read more...

Back & Forward Collosion Warning System (BFCW) RADAR

Radar Back & Reverse Forward Collision Warning Forward collision warning can alert you of an impending collision with a slower moving or stationary car in front of ... Read more...

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