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Fleet Management Systems

Fleet Management Systems
Fleet Management Systems

Find’n’Secure Automatic Location unit is discreetly kept in pocket (Personal Tracker) or installed inside the vehicle (Vehicle unit). Location data is computed by the unit using signals received from GPS satellite. It processes the location data and transmits it via communication network to the web server and from there it is accessed by the call centre or the user on his PC or mobile phone. The user or the call centre can also control the vehicle from his PC / Mobile phone, if required. This system is of great value to the fleet managers because it enables them to view real time location of the vehicles by looking at the area map on his PC / mobile phone. A fleet manager may also take control of the fleet through geofencing (by demarcating specific geographical area for a vehicle on the computer screen) and if the vehicle violates the defined route, he can stop the vehicle from moving. Information retrieved about the actual operation of the fleet is summarized through system generated reports that should help in improving management decisions for cost reduction and increased profitability of the business.

In case of theft of a vehicle, the options of "Blow horn" and "Open Doors" may be triggered which will attract the attention of passers by. Further, the vehicle will come to a grinding halt by opting the "Engine Block" feature on the computer screen of the software. This way, the vehicle may be saved from theft/robbery.

On the other hand, the personal tracker is of immense help in the personal security of an individual as through it, the actual movements of an individual may be viewed in the area map on a PC / mobile phone.


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